All You Need…is ONLINE

The Convenience Shop is now closer and more convenient than ever.  Convenience Online is your one-stop solution to any last-minute essentials that you may need delivered to your home anywhere in Malta.

Realised you are out of butter, milk, or bread? Simply log on to your account or Register if you do not have an account. Place your order and we will deliver it express to your door, anywhere in Malta. It is that simple!

Express Delivery, straight to your door

The great news is that shopping is made easier through our ‘Daily Needs’ section that can be found on the Home page.  The ‘Daily Needs’ section helps you to navigate quickly through our online departments and to easily add daily essentials to your shopping cart. The ‘Daily Needs’ section also allows you to easily access the whole product list, to quickly select and add more items.

Choose from fresh dairy products, daily baked bread, breakfast items as well as confectionery goods, delicatessen products, frozen items, beverages, groceries, and much more.  All your daily essentials…in one place, available at the click of a button.

Just as you would do with our 87 outlets all around Malta, you can find anything you need, at whatever time you need it, wherever you are.

You shop, we prepare, we deliver.

Our express delivery service means you do not need to stress because you are out of an essential ingredient for your recipe or ran out of a daily essential. Just choose the items you need, add them to your cart, check out and receive them in a few hours.

Our Story

Since opening our first outlet in Zebbug back in 2009, The Convenience Shop today has become a household name with over 80 outlets strategically located across different locations around Malta.

All outlets are open every day including weekends and public holidays with extended hours. We offer any product, at any time, in any place that is most convenient for our customers, now even in the comfort of their own home!

Working closely with our suppliers, the Group has over 800 employees, over 80 outlets and recently launched The Convenience Online, a virtual online shop for those who would like their essential needs ordered and delivered in the comfort of their own home.

At The Convenience Shop, we value the work ethic of our employees in all sectors, ranging from operations, sales, customer service and management, as they work together toward the same goals. As a Group, we truly care for every person on the team and their contentment is of great importance to us.

Customer satisfaction is our priority at The Convenience Shop and our objective has always been to help ease our customers’ hectic lives and provide a hassle-free solution for their daily needs, so it was a natural move to also launch an on-line store to offer the ultimate in shopping convenience.

Corporate social responsibility is also key to the Group’s philosophy and we support various NGOs and vulnerable people with yearly donations. The Convenience Shop for Puttinu Cares in Qormi was launched in 2019 where all profits from operations are donated to the Puttinu Cares Foundation, which offers support to cancer patients and their families.

As a group we look forward to continuing to make our customers’ lives easier by offering a hassle-free, convenient shopping experience, whilst playing an active role in our community by helping those that are less fortunate.

Free Delivery when spending €70 or more.