Charities & Foundations

The Convenience Shop Ltd also referred to as The Convenience Group chooses to recognise its social and environmental objectives.  Other stakeholders like the employees, the customers and other suppliers have to be reckoned with, making Corporate Social Responsibility an important tool to mediate and achieve an optimum balance in responding the the different needs of the various stakeholders.


The Convenience Group is aware of its Corporate Social Responsibility and seeks to play an active role in supporting initiatives.  The Group has supported Caritas, the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation and has announced a new partnership with the Malta National Blood Transfusion Centre to provide nutritious post donation snacks to blood and platelet donors.

blood donation april 2018.jpg

Blood Donation 

April 2018

Donation to

Puttinu Cares.

October 2017

charity 02.jpg

Puttinu Cares Marathon with Bjorn

September 2017

Donation to

Puttinu Cares.

July 2017

Donation to Community Chest Fund.

January 2017

Donation to the Inspire Foundation

October 2016

Blood Donation

August 2016


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