Martin Agius, Chief Executive Officer

Before being named Group CEO in late 2018, Martin worked extensively in hospitality for over 15 years and manufacturing for more than 25. As sales and marketing manager at General Soft Drinks for over two decades, Martin positioned Coca Cola as the local beverage brand leader with the second-highest per capita consumption worldwide.

Martin’s impact as CEO of The Convenience Shop Group has been equally game-changing. Martin was a key part of the major restructuring of the company at all levels, from good corporate governance to the daily operation of the business – in a matter of years, taking this family-owned business and turning it into Malta’s largest and leading food retail chain. Today, The Convenience Shop franchise boasts 83 outlets – and counting – in more than 48 strategically selected locations across the island. 

As CEO of one of Malta’s most prominent retail franchises, Martin’s plethora of responsibilities involve, setting the Group’s strategic direction, taking major corporate decisions, and managing the executive team and the company’s overall resources and operations.

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